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The biblical traditions about Zechariah are centered on the birth of John the Baptist; he plays no role in the Jesus story despite Mary's visit to their home. Hence, for most Christians he is a minor figure. A unique view is found in the teachings of the Unification Church, by which Zechariah was Jesus' father.

Refugees from Afghanistan have funneled into Pakistan through various periods of turmoil and unrest in recent decades. Between the . invasion of Afghanistan, conflicts between the Afghan Taliban and other extremist groups and tensions during the Soviet war, many Afghans have been forced to leave the country for safety and economic reasons, with a large portion escaping to Pakistan over the years.

He first manifested his powers at age ten, during a running long jump at school Olympics in the spring. Desperate to win, he magically pushed himself about ten feet farther than he would have jumped on his own. Though he landed badly and sprained his wrist, he won a blue ribbon that he keeps to this day. [2]

Forced Entry - Uncertain FutureForced Entry - Uncertain FutureForced Entry - Uncertain FutureForced Entry - Uncertain Future